Claire + Noah

Between the two of us, we have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. Through our personal yoga practice, we really focused on becoming better individuals; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Now that we have grown tremendously as individuals through a solo practice, we figured we'd give acro yoga a shot because it poses a whole new challenge - working and growing together. When practicing acro yoga, not only are you focusing on your own body, but you are being mindful of your partner's body and how your body works with your partner's body. It ultimately allows you to establish a deeper level of trust. For us, it's not about the fancy acro poses you and your partner can do, it's about the connection you make together. We feel strongly that acro yoga has strengthened our relationship so much that we couldn't help but to share our acro yoga journey with you all. So grab a partner, get your playtime on together, and most importantly have FUN!