Flip Grip Bow

For Flip Grip Bow, you will want to make sure you have already done (and feel comfortable) with the Bow tutorial. You will need to make sure you have a confident Flip Grip Bow on the ground level before attempting on your base. First warm up your spine by doing some cat & cows and then doing regular bow. Next, practice doing flip grip bow. If you cannot quite grab your toes over your head yet, try using a strap. Once you have a FIRM grip o your feet without having to use a strap, then you can attempt Flip Grip Bow on your base’s feet. When you are doing this pose, think upward facing dog, so lift your chest up. Also, although it may not seem like it, make sure your hamstrings are super warmed up. Since you will be squeezing your leg muscles in order to lift them up behind you, your hamstrings will turn on. As for the base, make sure your hamstrings are warmed up so you can extend your legs up straight and remember to press into your toes when you feel your flyer falling forward. Now enjoy one of my absolute favorite poses!

Key takeaways

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