Second/Third Trimester Relief

First off, congrats mamas! Hope you are having a happy healthy pregnancy! And if not, hopefully this class will help ;) I filmed this class when I was in my third trimester at 33 weeks pregnant. I designed a class around all of my favorite go to poses for relief in my hips and low back. As I am sure you are already aware, pregnancy discomforts largely stem from the hips and low back because the body is expanding to create space for the baby! So neat yet not so comfortable on us mamas so I hope this video finds you some relief! We will briefly lay on our backs for one pose. My doctor recommends not laying on your back past 20 weeks; however, she says it is okay to do so for short periods of time. Reason being is so us mamas don’t put added pressure on a main vein called our vena cava in our low backs. As always, please do what feels right for you and listen to your doctor first and foremost! I recommend having a yoga block for this class but if you do not have one, no worries! Start in child’s pose and enjoy!

Key takeaways

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