Core & Crow Power

In this delicious 60 minute power class, we focus on strengthening our core. During the first part of our practice, we do some abdominal exercises that focus entirely on our core alone in order to prepare us for the rest of our practice. Then, throughout the rest of our practice, we integrate core work into poses such as, Plank Pose and Down Dog. Lastly, we move into some balancing postures that require us to utilize our abdominal muscles in order for us to play out our full expression in the pose. This class causes us to understand why core work is important for our practice because it allows us to experience how a warmed up core enables you to balance easier. We also play with Crow Pose, which is excellent to try if you are new to the world of arm balances. Again, Crow Pose also requires you to pay attention to your core in order to lift your hips up, allowing you to do the full pose. Start laying flat on your back on your mat. :)

Key takeaways

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