40 Weeks Flowin

I filmed this class when I was 40 weeks pregnant so it is aimed to help all you third trimester mamas out there find your balance and your zen! This is a 30 minute flow which incorporates balance, few ab work, shoulder stretches, and hip opening. We work through some balancing postures because during pregnancy, you’ll notice your balance may be off, especially the further along you get! We do a teeny bit of ab work because we need a strong core to prepare us for labor! The shoulder stretches are to feel good and release some of that tension and stress we may have while anxiously waiting for baby to arrive. Lastly, as most of you mamas can relate to tight hips and low back, we finish off with some good hip openers and lower back lengtheners. We will start standing at the top of our mats! Enjoy!

Key takeaways

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