First Trimester for Preggos

This is a 20 minute class that is especially beneficial for you if you are under 20 weeks pregnant or if you are just wanting a mellow practice today. We start with some side stretches in order to really lengthen along our ribcage and then move into a nice deep shoulder stretch. Next we do some Cat & Cows to get your back moving and circulate fresh new oxygen and energy throughout your spine. This practice also involves a lot of hip stretching, which is really great for pregnant women, such as Yogi Squat, Wide Leg Child’s Pose, Reclined Pigeon and Happy Baby Pose. We also work on strengthening our lower back muscles, which is not only geared toward helping pregnant women prepare for when it comes time to deliver, but also for all walks of life to help with back problems in general. This class also includes a yummy neck stretch in order to relieve stress and help wind down. We wrap up our practice with some heart openers, such as Bridge Pose and Fish Pose before releasing and relaxing into savasana. Start in a comfortable cross legged seated position and enjoy this refreshing practice!

Key takeaways

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